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IDG Executive Forums has earned its reputation as a world leader in providing access for senior executives to the information, people and knowledge that they need to chart their companies' futures and to succeed in the world's most rapidly changing industry.

Through our premier offerings of executive conferences, focused newsletters and online resources, IDG Executive Forums provides insight, opinion, analyses and networking opportunities for the industry elite to connect with the people, products and ideas that are critical to business and technology development.

Industry luminaries Bob Metcalfe, Chris Shipley, Jim Forbes, and John Gallant provide the vision behind IDG Executive Forums' Agenda, Demo and Vortex products, leveraging the power of their expertise. Our forums are created and produced by people who literally helped pioneer and track the industry from the very beginning.

Each IDG Executive Forums offering focuses on a unique and important area of the technology marketplace. Agenda zeros in on the technology industry's direction for the upcoming year. The Demo product line provides a first-hand look at the newest and most innovative products and technologies entering the market and the people who developed them. Vortex is focused on the convergence of Internet, telephone and television networking technologies.



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