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Galileo couples proprietary cell-based functional models of human metabolism with novel charge-transfer chemistry, enabling the identification of unique synthetic pharmacophores for disease treatment and of bioactive nutraphores™ for disease prevention and management.

Galileo is a fundamentally unique enterprise in both its pursuit of metabolic clinical targets and its combined pharma-nutrition development platform.  Using a single R&D platform carries significant advantages including cost-effective human therapeutic target validation and early revenue.

Galileo's nutrition product strategy is to create proprietary, clinically proved products containing condition-specific Nutrient Ingredient Systems™ for at-risk healthy consumers and select affected-patient populations and to commercialize them through market leaders.

The pharmaceutical discovery program at Galileo utilizes as a platform the fundamentals of metabolic physiology. Unlike programs that are standard to the pharmaceutical industry, Galileo utilizes high throughput screening technology to identify new chemical entities that fundamentally protect sensitive metabolically active cells from oxidative and metabolic stress.

Using this functional target approach (as opposed to the classic structural target approach) to drug discovery, Galileo has succeeded in rapidly identifying novel compounds for potential development as anti-ischemic and anti-inflammatory therapies for stroke and myocardial infarction. Because Galileo's new compound classes are originally derived from bioactive product libraries, the risk of significant preclinical safety issues is mitigated. Additionally, development programs on parallel bioactive nutritionals can effectively mitigate clinical safety and efficacy risks that are normally inherent to pharmaceutical development.




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